API – documentation

Datum přidání01. 03. 2020
AutorOndřej Martinek
API is used for remote communication with your affiliate environment. A good example is conversion approval, where you can also approve a conversion in AffilBox from the comfort of your e-shop or accounting software immediately after receiving payment. There is no longer a need to do this in two places.

Mailchimp and AffilBox

Datum přidání09. 03. 2015
AutorKateřina Střelcová
Mailchimp is a clever email communication tool - it can send bulk email messages, autoresponders, forms to collect contacts for your website, segment your contacts and many other useful things. In AffilBox, it serves your connections by automatically enrolling every newly registered partner into your list in Mailchimp.

OptimizePress and AffilBox

Datum přidání10. 11. 2014
AutorKateřina Střelcová
OptimizePress is a Wordpress extension. It is a plugin/template for creating websites and member sections. The Live Editor feature allows you to edit the page by simply adding elements, it works on drag-and-drop principle.