Google Data Studio – How to connect it to the AffilBox

Datum přidání01. 03. 2021
AutorOndřej Martinek
Google Data Studio – How to connect it to the AffilBox

We have a new feature that has been more frequently requested by experienced affiliate managers and advertisers. Namely, a connector/bridge between AffilBox and the Google Data Studio analytics service.

First, go to your Google Account and log in to the Google Data Studio. Then log in to your admin role in AffilBox license.

Search the catalog of all plugins/connectors in the Google Data studio – you can find it on this URL:

This is detail of our data connector called AffilBox:

Now you need to insert username and token. This can be found in your AffilBox.


URL address of your AffilBox licence (e. g. – so without protocol https:// and the others suffixes)


API key, which you can find in your AffilBox administration – Settings – Users Settings – API key.

See this tutorial image

Sample of the completed form

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