Frequently asked questions about our affiliate software

In this post we bring together all the most frequently asked questions from our customers and partners. We regularly update them with new experiences and suggestions from our clients.

What is a commission program?

A commission program is a system where you reward affiliates for bringing you new customers. You reward them with a so-called commission, which is most often calculated as a percentage of the order value.

You can read more about what commission/affiliate marketing is in our blog article.

What is an AffilBox?

AffilBox is an environment where advertisers (e.g. e-shops) on the one hand and affiliates (review sites, cashback portals, influencers, etc…) meet on the other hand. Affiliates sign up for free to your AffilBox license, where they find promotional materials to start promoting your e-shop.

In AffilBox you can set the commission amount, cookie expiry date, add promotional materials, simply prepare everything you need in advance so when your partners start registering they can start selling your products right away.

Will the commission program pay me?

Yes, definitely. When you buy advertising through banners or PPC, you always pay per click/per impression and you don’t know in advance if customers will buy. Similarly, if you hire a sales rep, you have to pay them a salary regardless of whether they bring you new customers.

Thanks to the commission system, you always pay only for the orders you make! It is the most popular way of marketing in the world today. You never pay anything extra and you determine how much you are willing to pay your partners.

I would like to try AffilBox, is it possible?

Of course it is. Go to and you can try AffilBox from the perspective of an admin, an advertiser or a partner. Just log in as admin with the password admin.

Or try AffilBox for 14 days absolutely free!

Will I get regular updates?

After successful testing, a new version will always be uploaded for all users of our system. All updates are always free and you don’t have to worry about them. Before upgrading to a new version, you will be notified by email to let you know what is being changed or added.

For all the latest news in the AffilBox system, you can follow News.

Do you track multiple partner levels? (MLM)

We do not. We think it’s more important for affiliates to focus on selling than chasing new sheep.

Can you give me promotional partners?

We don’t deliver directly, but we do run a catalog of commission programs where we will automatically list your program. Over 800 affiliates visit it every day. And every Monday, we send out an email to 900 affiliates about your new program.

Another way to get visibility is to provide us with an interview/case study about your affiliate program, which we regularly add to our blog.

Last but not least, we have an affiliate app PartnerBox where your affiliate program can be promoted.

If you still need help finding affiliates, you can use one of our trained affiliate managers.

What do I need to do to get my commission program to work and measure up?

You need to set up your AffilBox and insert the measurement codes into the site. It’s nothing complicated. It’s similar to how you insert Google Analytics. For many e-shop templates on the Czech market we have either a direct link or detailed tutorials you don’t have to worry about anything.

When it comes to starting and managing an affiliate program, you can use one of the many options we offer:

  1. Learn affiliate marketing from our webinars, podcasts and blog posts.
  2. Hire one of our affiliate program setup and launch.
  3. Hire one of our trained affiliate managers.

What should affiliates do if they want to promote me?

Partners simply need to sign up for your commission program. They will then receive their unique commission link which they can place on their website, in their email, on social media, etc.

How can my partners promote me?

The possibilities are endless. But the basic ones are on a website, blog, email, on social media, PPC advertising, and lots of other methods they can think of. In addition to a promotional (affiliate) link, they can also take advantage of other options that AffilBox offers, such as promotional banners or discount coupons.

How can I pay my partners?

Ideally, you should pay your partners on the invoice they send you. If someone can’t invoice you, you can issue them a work agreement. See how AffilBox invoicing works.

Where can partners sign up for my commission program

In the same place where you sign up. Right after you register your own AffilBox license, you are assigned your own address – in the form (the numbers are always different). This address is always available to you for the duration of your program.

However, we highly recommend redirecting this address to your own domain in the form of, for example, or Here is a guide on how to redirect. This address is easier to remember and also looks more trustworthy. Once you’re done redirecting, you can share the address with your partners and invite them to sign up.

Do my partners have to pay something too?

No partners pay anything. They only register to your AffilBox and can start promoting you.

How long does it take for an affiliate to start earning?

We’d like to tell you that tomorrow. But in our experience it is 3-6 months from launch. This delay is due to partners having to register, see what you are selling, prepare promotions and start bringing you visitors. All of this takes time.

Read our article on Is a commission program worth it

How AffilBox works – does it need to be installed somewhere?

AffilBox runs on our own servers. You don’t need to install anything, we take care of everything. We are constantly developing and updating the system, adding new features and modifications several times a week.

How much time do you need to allocate to affiliate management?

This is very relative. It’s up to you how effective you want your commission program to be. The more time you devote to it and the more you seek new affiliates, the better it will do. So it’s up to you. But as a base, you can take units of hours per month.

I don’t know anything about affiliate yet, where can I learn something understandable about it?

You can get started on our blog, browse the main article What is an affiliate, purchase the book on affiliate by Mario Rozensky, founder of AffilBox. We also recommend our webinar, podcast, and YouTube channel.

Or check out the list of Czech blogs and people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia who are involved in affiliate marketing.

I have multiple e-shops, can I use one AffilBox for all of them?

Yes you can, for up to 5 e-shops/campaigns the basic AffilBox license will suffice, for a larger number AffilBox Pro is suitable.

I would like a commission program for my e-shop, but I don’t know where to start

Start by signing up for a 14-day trial of AffilBox. The tool is designed to guide you very intuitively through the steps you need to take to get started.

In case of any questions, please contact us either via the contact form or email us at We have more than 8 years of experience with commission programs, so we will be happy to advise you and design a solution just for you. All consultations are of course FREE, because we love it!

How are you different from an affiliate network?

We offer a separate solution to the networks, which is entirely in your control and the loyalty of the affiliates stays with you not with the affiliate network.

We have no entry limits and so absolutely anyone can get AffilBox.

Another difference is the fees – you don’t pay us any additional commissions or fees as your affiliate program grows. You only pay us a one-time annual license rental, that’s all.

Can I pay the license monthly or do I have to pay for a full year up front?

For newly established licenses, we prefer annual payment. We do not allow monthly (or shorter) payments due to the partners who will be promoting you.
For them it is critically important that they can have confidence in the selected program, so that they do not spend a month preparing a campaign, banners, review texts, etc., and then suddenly find out that the program is not paid for and is closed.
In order to start promoting, they need to be sure that the energy they put into promotion will actually pay off.

For this reason – and we thought about it a lot and finally decided this – we do have a month-to-month conversion on the website price list, but we provide the actual payment on an annual basis.If you renew your license, you will be able to choose a shorter billing period.