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What is the difference between the Standard and Pro versions?

AffilBox Pro is an extended version of the classic AffilBox. It is especially suitable for larger players with their own affiliate manager who want to manage their commission program better and more conveniently. It allows, among other features, to set the commission amount by product category, automatically set the language according to the affiliate’s location. Affiliates can then use multiple channels, for example. For more information about the Pro version, you can read the article.

What if I need advice?

Our helpful support team is always available to help you. We will be happy to help you with the setup of the app, as well as with the first steps in the app. You can contact us anytime at or by phone at 771 157 207. We will respond to every email and every call you make.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No, we do not have any hidden fees. Our price of 9.990 CZK (12.088 CZK including VAT) per year for AffilBox Standard is final. You do not pay us any more.

Does AffilBox have any restrictions?

No, you can use the system as much as you need. You can promote multiple websites, as well as have unlimited partners.

When will I receive an invoice?

You can issue an invoice directly in the system yourself in the “invoice history” section. You have 14 days to pay for your license, if we do not receive your payment within this time your license will be terminated.