Why is AffilBox paid for repeatedly?

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Why is AffilBox paid for repeatedly?

Today we want to shed some light on the main reasons why you can’t buy AffilBox, as a platform to start and run an affiliate program, for a one-time fee. This is an occasional query from our clients and we would like to answer it in summary .

First, we need to explain what a service like AffilBox is technically called. It’s SaaS, or Software as a Service (more on Wikipedia). In English, it can be translated as software delivered as a service.

For this type of service, the basis is precisely the constant development and also a fully hosted solution with the provider. Which we will discuss below and are the main reasons why AffilBox cannot be sold for a one-time fee.

Examples of rental software solutions include Netflix, DropBox, Slack, Trello, Fakturoid, Marketing Miner, Raynet, Freelo, Shoptet, and thousands of others around the world.

Hosted Solution = Our Servers

AffilBox is a fully hosted solution with us. So the client does not need to install our entire application on any of their hosting or servers after purchasing their license. Furthermore, they have to pay for it and keep it in a proper and updated state. This is entirely our responsibility, in our costs, which are already included in the price list of the rented software.

You, as clients, have no worries about the standard technical condition of the server on which our applications run.

And you can fully focus on your business, operations, development, marketing, …


Along with the fact that we are constantly keeping our servers (there are currently over 10 of them and it’s not a finite number) up to date and modern, we are also responsible for their full availability and stability. This means the speed of loading the entire service, its reliability in the form of web and API interface and 24/7. Due to the basic principle that we serve as an analytical tool for performance marketing, we cannot afford large outages – we have to be available all the time.

Critical availability is really 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

And of course, this requires more powerful (and therefore more expensive) servers as well as more servers. In parallel, they also require constant monitoring of servers by server-admins, balancing them, scaling them up according to load, … So it’s round-the-clock monitoring from specialists who are dedicated only to managing high-performance servers.

And also a specific code/technology concept where individual servers are not vitally dependent on each other (the so-called SPOF principle – single point of failure) and can operate independently.

Thus, we constantly need to count clicks, conversions and count stats accurately.

So that even if one of our servers goes down, the full functionality of our software is not affected.

Due to the complexity of the operation and the need for 100% availability, it is not possible to have AffilBox as a hosted solution, as it would not guarantee maximum reliability of its measurement and therefore would not meet its goal = to count conversions to partners correctly.

Evolving Solutions – News

Hand in hand with running the application on our servers goes the updating of the application itself. Our industry (affiliate marketing, performance marketing, web analytics, …) is an extremely dynamic industry.

What was true last month may not be true today at all.

Not only are we in charge of the technical running of the app, but also its continuous software development (see News section). We have an internal team of developers who are constantly working on both existing features (extending them, polishing them, fixing bugs, …) and completely new ones. This is also based on feedback from our clients.

This is because, for example, tracking (or the core of our business), which provides just an accurate count of clicks, orders, … must always respond to the market situation of computer/mobile devices, web browsers, e-commerce platforms, ad blockers. This is to guarantee the highest possible accuracy of measurement.

In an extreme view, one could say that a year of un-updated tracking (tracking clicks/order) loses even maybe 30% in accuracy.

It is necessary to constantly develop these features, improve them and keep up with the internet predation. That’s why we have an internal development team dedicated to this. Without this, we would not be able to maintain the accurateness (or accuracy) of our measurements and therefore would not be able to deliver our service at the quality we want and need to deliver.

Development has had to contend with, for example, third-party cookie modifications, ITP x.x technologies, the legal implementation of GDPR, more aggressive ad-blocking, and many other hurdles in our marketplace.

And of course this carries significant operating and development costs. This is also, as with our hosted servers, already included in the price of the license you rent from us.

Letite know how

One of the key things that consistently helps keep AffilBox on the cutting edge is the experience of our team. And that’s just in affiliate marketing – both from the affiliate, admin/management and advertiser side. This is also why we are able to keep developing our app in the most useful direction for all our clients who don’t need to develop their own affiliate platform.

This could certainly be developed over many years of development, but at an incredible cost in terms of time, money and human capacity and know-how.

This is why clients prefer to rent our proven solution, which is probably known by all partners in Central Europe (we don’t only operate in the Czech Republic).

And they know, thanks to our hundreds of paying clients, that it is proven by time, by practice, and they just use that accumulated and honed potential to their advantage. And that’s through saving time and capital.


And last but not least, there is phone, email or livechat support. This will help you in the beginning, in terms of assessing whether affiliate marketing is suitable for your type of business, in choosing the right license and of course in designing individual campaigns.

So it is also available when running your program, to explain the more technologically advanced features in the application interface.

It can help you, for example, with appropriate marketing direction for the program itself. For this purpose, it has already developed public and internal helpful materials, resources and procedures according to our proven know-how within the affiliate industry.

In conclusion

With AffilBox’s rental solution, you are always assured of the following:

  • stable operation of the application,
  • technological innovations,
  • available support.

All of this is brought to you by our experienced team who have been in the affiliate marketing business for over 10 years, just like AffilBox itself.

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