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Datum přidání26. 04. 2017
AutorKateřina Střelcová
AffilBox Pro

Introducing a new product that meets the most demanding requirements for a quality commission program – AffilBox Pro.

Among other things (see below), it automatically recognizes the language of your foreign partner, allows you to watch more channels, use postback, and perhaps most interesting is the ability to reward according to the category of the purchased product.

Affiliate market in the Czech Republic is growing and maturing

Along with this, the requirements of advertisers and partners for the data, information and services they need to function at their best and satisfy each other are also changing.

Not long ago, it was necessary for everyone to manage their own commission program. Nowadays, you can use the services of skilled and, most importantly, experienced affiliate managers (you can read an interview with three of them in our article). And from the looks of it, more will be coming soon.

Affiliate program are incorporating bigger and bigger e-shops into their marketing mix, who have different requirements and goals than a one-man show e-shop.

This is all something we, as platform creators, need to monitor and adapt to.

Recently, the pressure to track and optimize acquisition costs for large e-shops has been very noticeable. Cookies are getting shorter, everything is being optimized. Many e-shops are also expanding abroad and expanding their product range.

It is for these more demanding clients that we are coming up with a new version of AffilBox called AffilBox Pro. This version builds on the foundations of AffilBox as you know it and adds lots of new features that will benefit those who want to squeeze the most out of their commission program.

AffilBox PRO version

Let’s see what’s new:

Different commission amounts by product category

Different products tend to have different margins, so the commission program needs to reflect the amount of commission by product type. It does not make sense to give a 10% commission on products where the margin is 5%. So far, this situation has been solved by setting an across-the-board lower commission (e.g. the 5% mentioned above).

Advertisers in the Pro version of AffilBox can now set as many commission levels as they want. So you can set higher flat commissions for most products and lower the commission only for selected products where it would not work out. The result is an overall higher commission for affiliates and cost optimization for the advertiser.

Detailed guide to different commission levels by category

Automatic language settings based on partner location

It was now possible to run AffilBox in only one base language and the partner could then switch the language. This was not ideal, as most of the time the base language was English and therefore an English speaking partner was unlikely to find the switch.

In the Pro version of AffilBox, the language is set automatically according to the partner’s location. If we don’t have a language for a given location, the default language is set. Do you know what languages we support now?

  • English
  • English
  • German
  • Polish
  • Slovak
  • Hungarian
  • Russian

We are planning Spanish and Italian.

Detailed guide to recognizing the language of a new partner

Multiple channel option for partners

Partners also want to optimize their costs and better measure and track where they bring customers from.

For them, we have the ability to add unlimited channels (up to the maximum URL length, which is safely 2,000 characters) and send them the information they need. Subsequently, for every conversion and click-through, these multiple channels will be displayed.

For example, you can put the site URL in one channel, the location in another, and the banner version in a third. The result can then show the statistics of a particular banner version across all sites (PPC systems, social networks, etc.).

Detailed guide to promotional channels

Postback for partners

Another way to improve tracking and data for partners is to set up a “Postback URL”.

This feature allows you to insert a custom URL with parameters. This will be called if a conversion occurs. The conversion data is dynamically added to the URL. You can easily track conversions in your own system or have them sent to your email, etc.

Postback example:[TRANSACTION_ID]&turnover=[TURNOVER]&commission=[PROVIZE]&currency=[MENA]&channel=[KANAL]

This feature is particularly useful for leadgen campaigns and leadgen projects.

Detailed postback instructions

These are just a few of the many improvements we’re deploying in this major update. We’ve also rewritten the measurement codes, which are now faster, don’t block web rendering in any way, and will allow us to further extend the functionality of the app in the future while maintaining backwards compatibility.

And that’s not all!

We have a nice few more features up our sleeve that we want to add to the Pro version of Affilbox that you can look forward to.

The price of the new Pro version is 19.990 CZK excluding VAT per year. The price of the standard version remains unchanged at 9.990 CZK. For existing clients who don’t want to switch to the new version, nothing changes and the price they are used to paying remains the same.

We have also added a new Registered Sites feature. This way your partners don’t have to use affiliate links. They just need to tell you in the interface which sites they own. They will still get clicks and conversions from classic links.

April 6, 2020 update: We’ve added tracked coupon support to PRO licenses, which are suitable for standard and specific campaigns with offline overlap or involving online influencers.

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