We have launched the PartnerBox affiliate dashboard!

Datum přidání03. 03. 2021
AutorOndřej Martinek
We have launched the PartnerBox affiliate dashboard!

We have happy news for you. As of today, a new partner app/dashboard called PartnerBox is officially open. 🙂

This is a new web interface that addresses multiple needs of affiliates who were not satisfied with the current solution of separate and distinct AffilBox programs. PartnerBox allows you to link all your affiliate programs into a single view and have a clear overview of them.

Tested by dozens of partners

We invited over 70 active partners to participate in the beta test, which started at the end of February, and received a large dose of feedback, tips, ideas, … And if you look at PB’s News section you’ll see that we’re taking their advice to heart. And we’re actually incorporating them.

We will continue to develop this service, as well as the “parent” AffilBox itself and Affiliatekatalog.com.

Because the services mentioned are closely related and may even help each other in the future. They were also built with the intention of increasing affiliate activity with AffilBox clients, and according to the data we have, this was definitely the right move. But more on that later.

What does PartnerBox currently do?

  • Connect the program in 5 clicks.
  • Bundle data into blocks.
  • Custom naming of partner programs.
  • Update statistics “on demand” (per click).
  • Bundle statistics into a summary report.
  • Support multiple currencies in a summary report.
  • Substitution of currency placeholders for unified reports.
  • Transition from interface to a specific partner program.
  • Ability to save the website to mobile as a simple PWA.
  • Alerts on exceeding the payout minimum for a specific program.

Not a little and in our opinion the web service looks exceedingly great too – or it’s not a basic MVP we would test interest on, but already a fully functional service for you.

VIDEO introduction to administration

What will it be able to do in the future?

Where we want to significantly influence our development direction through partner feedback – we’ve already confirmed most of their wishes because they true to our intent. We are also partners and we knew what burns us and everyone else. And we tried to weave that into this app.

Anyway, we can go further in these directions:

  • bulk payout requests,
  • bulk invoice uploads,
  • viewing campaigns you’re involved in,
  • advanced analytics, filtering, …

As you can see, in the future, PartnerBox can benefit extremely from a closer tie (we have a ready-made internal REST API) to AffilBox.

So it doesn’t just statically receive data, but also influences your actions in individual affiliate campaigns. And maybe just make it easier for you to manage billing, payroll, reports, …


Why these bundled features are not in AffilBox

This was the first question we asked ourselves. But given AffilBox’s historical setup, its technology and design layout, we decided to build these features sort of off to the side on a greenfield site. It makes it easier for us to do technical development of new features, speed up responses and have more control over the UX.

It is likely that some of these features will be gradually implemented backwards in AffilBox itself – for example, more detailed filtering, …

But managing all your affiliate campaigns in bulk will be easier in the so-called full-width interface.

There’s also the added benefit of easier preparation for PWA (progressive web apps), or even a native iOS/Android app in the future. But we’ll save that for the bright future.

How much does it cost?

We’re being straightforward with everyone – we’re currently at the stage where we’re not monetizing this app.

We have it as a tool to compare the disadvantages of a private affiliate platform against the networks. Or, ideally, we want to have it free for “our” AffilBox affiliates to make their job easier and increase performance.

If we want to change anything about this strategy in the future (for more advanced features, higher server requirements, additional connectors, …) we will contact you about it well in advance.

You don’t have to wait for anything anymore

Now we just thank you for your years of patience and you can happily register for PartnerBox.

Komentáře (2)

Wladass 03. 03. 2021

Awesome stuff! Thank you all very much and we are glad that we could be at a certain stage of the birth and could contribute our opinions and ideas for improvements. It’s awesome!

Ondřej Martinek 03. 03. 2021

Thanks so much Wladassi for the comment and feedback! 🙂 We are happy to continue to develop it like this.

Jaroslav Janíček 05. 03. 2021

Thanks so much for the comment! Apparently we all have a penchant for creating apps that help Czech online 🙂

Atlaso 02. 04. 2021

Great job. There are already some similar services that can do this and I looked for them, but I didn’t have much confidence in them. After all, when it’s directly from AffilBox it has more weight and trust. I’m glad that something like this came directly from you, it makes it much easier to work with many AffilBoxes at once and have a nice overview and confidence that someone from AffilBox is behind it 🙂

Ondřej Martinek 06. 04. 2021

Thank you so much for your comment and support! We definitely want to develop this service further, we have already received 31 comments and ideas from partners and us… So we have a lot of work ahead of us. 🙂 Thanks again.

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