Deployment of AffilBox in Atomer E-shop

Datum přidání08. 10. 2014
AutorKateřina Střelcová
Deployment of AffilBox in Atomer E-shop

In cooperation with e-shop solution Atomer we make it easier for you to deploy AffilBox.

The codes (tracking and conversion) that AffilBox generates for you can now be inserted very easily in your Atomer e-shop in the “Settings” module – “Settings & Appearance” – “Settings” section – “AffilBox” tab.

Affiliate software deployment process

You will have the following screen in front of you


Before deploying the codes, create a subdomain for your commission program.
This will give you both a tracking and conversion code in the shape of your domain, and you will have a higher order tracking success rate.

Where to find tracking codes

You can find both codes next to your ad campaign – click on Ad Campaigns in the left menu:


Open the campaign and select the Codes tab:

Save and test

Paste the link from your campaign (which contains your unique affiliate ID) into your browser.

Once the e-commerce page loads, you should see your first click in AffilBox Reports.

Likewise, you can then place a test order – and then you’ll see the first conversion in the Reports.

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