Connecting AffilBox to

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Connecting AffilBox to

Fast-webstpre.comcz is a very popular platform to quickly and easily create your own e-shop. 

Thanks to our tutorial, you can also link your website directly to AffilBox and start managing your own commission program. 

Before deploying the codes, create a subdomain for your commission program.
This will allow you to have both the tracking and conversion code in the form of your domain and will result in a higher order tracking success rate.

Prepare the codes in your AffilBox

As a first step, be sure to prepare tracking and conversion codes, which will be generated by AffilBox as soon as you create your ad campaign. 

In case you don’t have an ad campaign created yet and don’t know how to do it, follow our article Setting up an ad campaign

Once you have your campaign ready and set up, select the Advertising Campaigns tab in the left side menu and click on the specific campaign.  

Now in the top bar, select the last tab Codes. At this point, you will have the two codes you will need to link AffilBox to your e-store. 

We recommend that you keep the codes page open and have the codes handy. 

Insert tracking code into your e-shop

Log in to the administration of your e-shop. 

Select SettingsSite SettingsBasic Settings in the left side menu. 

Now copy the tracking code from your AffilBox and paste it into the Access Counter Code field.

Confirm your changes by clicking the Save Changes button. 

Insert conversion code into your e-shop

The customer support will take care of inserting the conversion code. Just write your request to them at and attach your conversion code from AffilBox to the message.

Now, just wait until you have confirmation that your conversion code has been successfully inserted and you are done.

Trust but verify

Before you go all in on managing your own commission program, test the correctness of the deployed codes.

Simply create an order in your e-shop (but preferably in an anonymous window). 

If everything is linked properly you will see the click-through and also the conversion recorded in your AffilBox. (Left menu – Stats – Click/Conversion Report). 

If you don’t know what to do, get in touch. We will be happy to help you. 🙂 


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