We are not a affiliate network

Very often, clients who choose a platform for their commission program ask us how many partners we have, what commissions we take and other similar questions. These questions refer to a commission network, which we are not.

You could simply say that we run software that helps you measure commissions for affiliates. But in reality, we are more. We are your platform on which you can build an affiliate program that is yours alone. You will have complete control over your affiliates, what they do, how they promote you and who they are. And this platform will help your business grow.

How about partners?

This is usually followed by the next question, “So you don’t have any partners?” No we don’t. And even if we did, they would have already promoted someone else. Just like in a commission network. There you might learn that they have 2,000 partners involved, but in reality you don’t “interest” these partners.

These partners are already promoting other commission programs in other industries and they don’t have a website or email database to promote you. In such a network, you are just one of hundreds of programs out there, and some partners won’t even discover you in the flood.

You will always have to find and bring in partners yourself

Whether it’s through your brand, product interest, or connections. So whether you’re in a network or you’re managing the program yourself, you or the person who will be managing your affiliate program will always bring in the most partners.

To make it easier for you to find affiliates, we run an affiliate program catalog AffiliateKatalog.com, where all new campaigns created in AffilBox are automatically placed. This makes it easy for affiliates to find you and join your commission program.

What about the affiliate manager?

Which opens the floor for another question: “Well, the commission network will assign me such a manager”. Well… they won’t :). Well, actually, yes, but it will cost you a few tens of thousands of crowns extra. Thus, it will increase your cost of the commission program and this amount is added to the 20-30% that the network charges on each commission for the affiliate.

The costs can add up pretty quickly.

What about the price?

A huge advantage of a commission program through our software is its price.AffilBox you can use it for 9,990 CZK per year excluding VAT. That’s 835 CZK per month. You don’t pay any additional fees and you have no limit on the number of partners or, for example, eshops you own.

You can promote all your e-shops and websites under one license.

Our biggest customers pay over 1 000 000 CZK in commissions per month. And they still pay us 835 Kč. If that same customer was networked, they would pay hundreds of thousands of Kč to the network operator.