How to find partners for a affiliate program

The most pressing question we get from our users is how to find affiliate program partners. Finding affiliates is a never ending process in any commission program and needs to be done constantly. Below are a few tips that we do when looking for affiliates for a commission program.

Tips for finding affiliates for a commission program

1) Introducing the aff. program

Create a text page describing your commission program, how much commission you offer, who your ideal target audience is, how often you pay out, etc. Place a link to this page in the footer of your site and feel free to include some banners to attract new affiliates. In all subsequent steps you will link to this page.

2) Reaching out to customers

Reaching out to people who have purchased from you. Occasionally, there will be someone among them who is close to the soritment and therefore happy to recommend or place banners on your site. And there is no better recommendation than from a satisfied customer.

3) Finding new partners

Reaching out to servers that work in the industry. Various magazines, portals, blogs, interest groups, or forums where your target audience goes. If they wouldn’t sign up for your commission program, you’ll also let them know about you and maybe they’ll buy from you just like that.

For more on finding affiliates and specific tips on them, see the article Affiliate management half an hour a day.

4) Directory sign-ups

Registering to commission program catalogs. Occasionally new affiliates register from them. I recommend registering for our own catalog

5) PPC+Facebook campaign

PPC campaign to attract new partners. It may seem strange, but it’s the same as with an eshop, if you know that one partner will bring you orders on which you will earn for example 500 CZK per month, you can use the same amount to find a partner. The first month you’ll be at zero and from the next month you’ll be in the black.

6) Reach out to competitors

Approach partners who are already promoting competitors. Search the web and find links leading to competitors and reach out to the owners of those sites. Also check out this video on how to find competitors’ partners.

7) Get inspired in our podcast

We’ve put together a handy podcast for our clients with more specific advice on how to find the right partners. The podcast itself can be played here, with the transcript and structure in a separate article.