How an affiliate can help you in your business

Affiliate marketing is a long-term cooperation between a merchant and a partner, where the partner promotes the merchant’s products and is rewarded with a commission for the sales made. This is a very easy way to write a definition of affiliate marketing.

The beauty of such a collaboration is the mutual benefit and longevity. If the commission program is well prepared and properly set up, it works in the long term and brings great results. It can help you increase your sales by 10-200%. You may be thinking, how is that possible? You don’t believe that partners bring in 2x more orders than you do.

Partners are marketing specialists. It’s their field that feeds them. You need to focus on product creation, website development and other activities in your business. Partners only focus on marketing. On how to sell as many of your products as possible and earn the highest remuneration.

Maybe you still don’t believe me, so I’ve prepared some examples from different industries that will surely convince you.


The t-shirt eshop launched its commission program in early 2012. They were one of the first customers of AffilBox and for the past two years their affiliate program has been growing steadily. They now make up almost 1/3 of their sales thanks to affiliates. So Trikátor gets 50% more orders thanks to the affiliate partnership.



Trikátor - affiliate



We ourselves have a affiliate program for our software. In it we reward everyone who brings us a new customer with 750 CZK. We launched the commission program together with the creation of AffilBox.

In the beginning, our partners brought us half of the orders. Gradually, as AffilBox becomes more well-known and widespread and we try new marketing channels, the ratio of orders from partners decreases, but it is still a very nice 15%.



AffilBox - performance



An area where an affiliate program is practically a must are info-products. These can be ebooks, educational courses, training, etc. This way of presenting content and sales came to us 3 years ago. It is constantly developing and penetrating into other fields. It is quite common for 30 – 75% of sales to be made by partners. If partners bring in 3/4 of the orders, the product author will increase sales by 300%! That’s really interesting.

I asked about affiliate results in several commission programs and you can see charts from three of them below. In the Million Emporium, partners brought in 38% of orders, which isn’t bad. However, the real strength came with Email Academy Premium, or the book How to Write an Ebook. For both products, 64% of orders went through the affiliate program.





Are you interested in what options the commission program offers?

Do you also want to increase the turnover of your business? It might not be by 200%, but who wouldn’t like to earn maybe 25% more? I think everyone does and it’s really not that complicated.

Sign up for AffilBox, follow the instructions that you receive via email and that appear right in the app and get your commission program ready. Then invite partners to it and you can look forward to great collaboration and growth in your sales.